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Welcome To Arneson & Geffen, PLLC

Highly Respected And Skilled Expungement Attorneys

Arneson & Geffen, PLLC is one of Minnesota's most experienced expungement law firms. We have helped hundreds of individuals obtain expungement in district courts throughout Minnesota. We have successfully represented clients before the Minnesota Supreme Court and Minnesota Court of Appeals and have even testified before the Minnesota Legislature with respect to the expungement process.  Due to our vast amount of experience in expungement, we are routinely requested as speakers at continuing legal education seminars and have written numerous articles on the subject of expungement.

The criminal record expungement process is complicated. If it is not done correctly, certain records will remain available to potential employers, landlords and educational bodies. Additionally, a simple procedural mistake can result in the court dismissing your request, requiring you to start the lengthy process over from the beginning.  We regularly work with clients on expungement of adult criminal records as well as juvenile records.  We work hard to ensure that your request for expungement meets all requirements.

Reasons For Expunging A Criminal Record

Arneson & Geffen's clients have many reasons for pursuing expungement. Some of those reasons are:

  • Pursuit of Better Employment
  • Pursuit of Better Housing
  • State Licensing Requirements. Medical/Health Care/Day Care
  • Stigma Associated with Conviction
  • Simply stated, "A Means to a Better Life."

Minnesota's second chance law allows for the expungement of criminal records in certain circumstances. An expungement can give you a clear criminal history so that you can pass background checks and move closer to your goals.

Do Not Hesitate To Begin The Process

If you want to get a record expunged, a skilled legal team is crucial. When you retain Arneson & Geffen to represent you in an expungement proceeding, you will know your case is handled correctly, professionally and efficiently.

We regularly work with clients on expungement of adult records and juvenile expungements. We deeply value each client and provide high-quality representation in every case.

To get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Minneapolis lawyers, call 612-208-6961 or email the firm.


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